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Suicide Cleanup by Eddie Evans

Call me Eddie Evans. Sometime over the last 8 years I became a consumer advocate for death cleanup consumers. Death's cleanup consumers include those people in search of any of the following trade names in the death cleanup business:

• accidental death cleanup • biohazard cleanup • blood cleanup • crime scene cleanup • decomposition cleanup • homicide cleanup • suicide cleanup • trauma cleanup • unattended death cleanup

. , specifically suicide cleanup as found on this page. Readers need to know that major and minor differences exist between suicide cleanup needs, methods, and outcomes. You need to know that monumental differences exist between suicide cleanup companies. These differences arise in attitudes towards suicide cleanup and attitudes toward ethical business conduct in suicide cleanup business activities.


Thoughts on After Death

What I write here does not ignore religious beliefs on the subject of the hereafter. We find plenty of information on this subject on TV and radio. I want to mention some thoughts on death's exterior end.

Many of the ideas that follow came from my own absorption with this subject, and The Whole Death Catalogue.


I suppose Freud and others' ideas will find a way out that I do not recognize as not my own.


Thanaphobia (Greek) defined means an abnormal fear of death. What becomes "abnormal" in consideration of death beats me. I go from a sense of fear and trembling to a "so be it" attitude. I suppose that my attitude has much to do with where I'm at with the idea of death. It's hard for me, for most of us probably, to gently say, "I'm OK with it."

The idea of approaching death does give me some anxiety for certain. If pain comes with death I don't want it for certain. If painless I might give it some consideration. I'd rather not die instantly without a hint of death's entrance into my life -- unannounced.

What comes after death appeals to me as an interesting topic because it seems to have challenging limits.


From the Whole Death Catalogue (Kindle edition -- so I don't know what page) I read that Epicurus said, "Death is nothing, since when we are, death has not come, and when death has come, we are not." I like this idea the most of what I read on my Kindle. This idea made since to me when I talked about death with my little friends. Of course we kept the gate open for a heavenly existence, but we did want to explore other avenues of thought. The Epicurian logic appeals to me, but that's just me. People in California will no doubt reflect a variety of death ideas.


Suicidal logic becomes a twisted logic and may take something from Zen. It goes something like this:


Life's short existence amounts to meaninglessness. This approach does strike one as depressing.

After all, in another ten billion years no one will remember our heroic efforts. Nonetheless, Zen tells us "Live each day as though it were our last." I do like this idea too, as it turns out. It goes with the idea of savoring the moment.



Suicide's crazy logic finds a way into our heads sooner or later, and for some of us it remains too long. "There's no hurry" I tell myself, no matter how bad things seem to go, death comes soon enough. In fact, many of us will go with some idea about when we will go.

Biohazard Cleanup

We consideer wet, moist, and flaky dried (scabby) blood as biohazardous. Wet and moist blood pose a risk to biohazard cleanup practitioners from contact with open wounds. Blood on hands or gloves in contact with eyes offer an avenue for injection of biohazardous blood. In all, most people at risk from wet, moist, and dried flaky blood work in the medical field. As such, needle-stick causes around 200 deaths per year in our United States.

This number far exceeds injuries caused to biohazard cleanup practitioners.

In contexts following homicides, suicides, and decompositions following unattended deaths, biohazard cleanup has a narrow meaning. In fact, biohazard cleanup relates to reducing exposures to bloodborne pathogens. Bloodborne pathogens consist of blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). Since we never know whose blood contains these pathogens, we treat all blood, universally so, as if it contains HIV, Hepatitis C, and other dangerous pathogens.

We need to keep hazards from wet, moist, or flaky dried blood in context.

Like blood cleanups, biohazard cleanups may be simple or complex. There's a lot going on, a lot to consider. Some cleaning problems disappear shortly after cleanup begins. Other death cleaning problems, like death's odors, may take several days. Even then, some personal property may remain permeated by the death odor's fragrance. Eventually, given time, even death's odor's disappear.


Blood Cleanup - Cleaning blood losses may be simple or complex depending upon the type of biohazard cleanup. What happened and when did it happen? What about the floor and the walls? How close to the walls did the deceased fall? What about grout in bathrooms, is it new, old, cracked, well maintained?

What about dry wall? Orange County's building codes require placing drywall about 1/4" off the floor. This simple requirement may save walls from damage while saving biohazard cleanup time.

Homicide Cleanup

Homicide Cleanup Cleaning after a homicide is seldom simple as biohazard cleanup goes. Each has unknowns and biohazard cleanup following a recent homicide may have hazards not in existence on a six month old homicide biohazard cleanup.


Suicide Cleanup

In the USA, male suicides are seldom simple cleanups as biohazard cleanup goes. Because of the tendency to use high caliber weapons, male suicides become complex cleanups. It happens that about 73% of US suicide victims are white males while about 17% are white females. The number of males using firearms to commit suicide exceeds 60%. For narrative information, visit my suicide pages by clicking suicide cleanup.


Decomposition Cleanup

Decomposition of the human begins shortly after the heart stops beating. Enzymes and bacteria begin following a path laid out by nature long ago. Bacteria nurtured on the body's dying flesh now have an unlimited supply of food for over a week in many cases.

The damage caused by decomposition will involve the deceased's diet, drugs, alcohol, room temperature, and Orange County temperatures. Materials contaminated by decomposition require special handling. Decomposition's emotional and psychological issues confront those exposed to one of these scenes. Some people suffer a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in their own way. Others go about their business as if nothing has happened out of the ordinary, while emotional conflicts take place without appearance on the outside.

Decomposition sometimes follows suicide acts because the suicide act occurs in an isolated home. In Orange County suicide cleanup may require decomposition procedures.



The term decontamination implies a polluting source not typically present. Before decontamination begins, the source materials must be removed. Decontamination follows by cleaning and altering, if not destroying, contaminated materials. Simple hand-washing is a form of decontamination.

Without removing the offending material, decontamination cannot take place. Sometimes altering the soiled environment to halt further contamination makes the best sense before cleaning after death. It's a matter of judgment and experience.

The best advice for beginning decontamination of a death scene begins with the lights. Leave the lights on and this will help slow bacteria growth. Air conditioning also helps slow bacteria growth. There are always trade-offs, though. Eventually the cost of air conditioning outweighs the damage caused because eventually the effluents begin to dry out.

If you live in Orange County and need decomposition cleanup help, please visit our web site. Suicide cleanup in Orange County follows the same advice as above.


Cronyism in biohazard cleanup

Few government employees take part in cronyism, but their numbers are growing. It takes only one to cheat thousands of tax payers, insurance companies, and crime scene cleanup companies.

This is crime scene cleanup cronyism: A crime scene cleanup company gets biohazard cleanup jobs from a government employee. Such an employee may be a clerk, police officer, coroner, or other government employee. In return, the employee gets money from the crime scene cleanup company. This is a crime and bad for tax payers, insurance companies, and honest crime scene cleanup companies.

County Employee Cronyism

County employees control over biohazard cleanup creates the absolute lowest form of cronyism because it profits from death, survivors' pain, and tax payers' money. (return)

If you have been given telephone numbers by a government employee, beware.

I recommend that you at least use the telephone book or Internet to find more biohazard cleanup companies. I used to share free enterprise competition in biohazard cleanup with many honest biohazard cleanup companies across the United States. As a result of civil servant cronyism in biohazard cleanup, these independent blood cleanup companies no longer exist; only because I have a caring wife that understands how victims' families become victimized by their own civil servants do I remain in business.

You are welcome to call my toll-free telephone number if you have any questions about biohazard cleanup.

Do not trust local government employees when it comes to receiving cleanup help.

My name is Eddie Evans. Trust what I say or not, beware.

Violent Deaths

Violent deaths usually involve a great loss of blood and tissue, OPIM (Other Potentially Infectious Materials). The loss of blood and tissue, the environmental conditions, and other circumstances will aid in the production of offensive death scene odors.

Sometimes the death odor lingers because of poor ventilation, Sometimes death odors linger because it permeates porous materials: fabrics, paper, wood, and more.

We do our best to remove the odors associated with crime scenes and other biohazard cleanup jobs. However, removing the source material will not always return the scene to its prior condition for some time. Time and heavy ventilation, and removal of death odor permeated materials will help return the scene to a more "normal" condition.

I can apply chemicals to help increase death's odors' departure from the scene, but even chemicals have their limits. Ask about our odor control policies and methods if this is a concern.

Eddie Evans Crime Scene Cleanup Cleanup may cover a much larger area than suicide cleanup work.

Means more than just cleaning up after homicides and suicides. It may also mean biohazard cleanup. As I've always explain under my writing name, Eddie Evans, crime scene cleanup is more than a small niche cleanup fills. Yes, crime scene cleanup is a janitorial natch for certain. Our crime scene cleanup business, my wife and I, began as a power washing company. Then we added carpet cleaning. Soon after that we added rug cleaning for Persian rugs of wall and natural stone polishing. So you can see the reaching the point of calling myself a crime scene cleanup practitioner in crime scene cleanup company owner took a while.

When I first heard the phrase, crime scene cleanup, it sounded like a new phrase, but not unexpected. I had suspected for some time after reading various janitorial forums at something like crime scene cleanup must exist. For I often thought,"someone must be cleaning up after violent deaths and other misfortunate deaths. I bet they make a lot of money." I also knew that suicide are not in common because of my background in sociology studies. Sociology considers suicide an appropriate subject for study because of the demographics opportunities. Nuts changes subject it turns out that suicide cleanup occurs. Than for white males.


Crime scene cleanup for white male suicides often becomes the first place that families look if there Phrygia reached the Internet. Of course with County corners across the United States monopolizing crime scene cleanup, families never find out that they could find a cheaper and better company by simply going to the Internet. That's the way cronyism works of local government. County employees send families to their own company if not receiving kickbacks. But I'm becoming redundant here let me move on.

starting a crime scene cleanup company was not that hard. Finding out what to do for creating this company became hard because of state bureaucracy and training needs. Well it turned out that the trainees were not so in Porton, although I did do a three day training course in Missouri. There we listen to lectureand were given the pleasure of our classroom filled with the odor of death upon entering one morning. We really did not see much cleaning.

What we did learn about was blood-borne pathogen training because blood-borne pathogen training is a requirement to become a crime scene cleanup practitioner.

Blood Cleanup

blood cleanup for money requires that you have blood-borne pathogen training. If an employer directs an employee to cleanup blood in the workplace, then the employee must have blood-borne pathogen training. This is not like going to a university or major college with million books in his library. It's more like going to the Internet looking a blood-borne pathogen training. There the Internet Explorer will find at least two blood-borne pathogen training companies. That's for many crime scene cleanup companies and their employees for blood-borne pathogen training. Once there you discover that you can have this training for $20. You can take your test to receive your certificate within hours.

once you print out your blood-borne pathogen certification, you're all set to go for crime scene cleanup work. Of course your state may have some license requirements for storing blood-borne pathogens. Some states like California require that you have a place to store your blood in other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). California requires these materials must be frozen until a biohazard transfer company like Stericycle picks up your blood and OPIM soiled materials. Other states have other rules. Florida requires that a crime scene cleanup company has a license to transport blood and soiled materials.still, other states like taxes have no crime scene cleanup practitioner license requirements.

when I started my crime scene cleanup company I had been called, "EE"and then in the last five years I switch to " Eddie Evans".I made the change because my mother continued call me Eddie. So I thought I should just start using Eddie for her sake, little that it meant to her. She had lost both of her daughters to cigaretters. She had also lost one of her 3 grandsons to lymphatic cancer following a melanoma that festered. Never ignore a fewstering black spot, especiallty when you have fair skin.


Crime Scene Cleanup Training

  • Crime Scene Cleanup (IICRC)
  • Carpet Cleaning (IICRC)
  • Decontamination - Nuclear, Biological, Checmical (US Army - 23 years active army, guard, reserve)
  • Floor Inspection (IICRC) IICRC)Home Inspection - (American Home Inspection Training - AHIT) and (IICRC)
  • Mold Inspection and Restoration (NAMP)
  • Upholstery Cleaning (IICRC)
  • Water Damage and Restoration (IICRC)
  • AA, BA, MS


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In the USA, male suicides are seldom simple cleanups as biohazard cleanup goes. Because of the tendency to use high caliber weapons, male suicides become complex cleanups. It happens that about 73% of US suicide victims are white males while about 17% are white females. The number of males using firearms to commit suicide exceeds 60%. For narrative information, visit my suicide pages by clicking suicide cleanup.