Eddie Evans Feces Cleanup Notes



The Chinese say they have used biogas for as long as they've been using feces on their fields. Many people credit biogas for pioneering the first noteworthy crop improvement and resource management improvements. In 1776 count Alessandro Volta and the correlation between decaying organic substances in the amount of gas they gave off. Today we know that carbon dioxide is one of these primary gases which finds its way into the AutoZone layer covering the earth. Count Volta also receives credit for inventing the electric battery and giving it his name, voltage. So in one sense the count receives credit for clarifying the part of agricultural decay of animal feces used as fertilizer, while telling us what's happening a forest that are cut down to make room for more agricultural products.

It's interesting to that the count would play a part in creating an
electric battery which are used today in all sorts of solar and wind powered projects storing their electricity and batteries.

The Chinese were to use biogas products in great quantity because they had a history of spreading feces on their fields as fertilizer. In biogas circles, Chinese biogas owes its existence to a man named Luo
G you'll owe RI. He used a biogas digester net 1930s which were installed in Shanghai. The Japanese would later make great use of his plans as they moved into China in their imperialist quest to conquer the world. As the oil crisis spread in 1972 it became important for China to increase its energy development. So they began to produce their own energy sources instead of relying on imported oil products. Some a political, economic, and agricultural sense to begin using human feces as well as animal feces for both crop production and production of electricity.

Biogas was soon in many millions of Chinese homes. For five years up to 2 million digester were installed a year. Rural households produced the surplus from their own human feces as well as their pegs. Animal manure became an important addition to the campaign for feces cleanup and feces storage. Cal done can produce 500 L of gas a year or two. Meanwhile, a human only produces about 30 L of gas per year. Although China does not have many cows, it has a lot of pigs. China's energy problems were partially alleviated by partnership then between pigs and humans.

This Los Angeles County biohazard cleanup page has more information. California



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